YUH SING SPRING &WIRE CO., LTD. was established in 1990, specialized in Custom, high precision spring, wire form and metal stamping, is a leading manufacturer of custom springs, wire and strip forms and stampings

Our manufacturing facility is equipped with modern high speed CNC machinery and a highly skilled workforce to manufacture compression, extension and torsion springs, retaining rings, constant force spring, wire form, strip forms and small stampings.
Our secondary company can produce complex springs, wave springs and wire/strip forms not suited for machine operation. In addition, we can provide value added assembly service.

Our Engineering Tool & Die shop can handcraft prototypes to verify that your product design meets your requirements prior to fabrication the final tooling.

We also can offer all types of industrial springs a value resource for helping you with product specification and the manufacturing method that will assure the highest quality at the lowest cost. So, all various types of precision spring, wire form and metal stamping OEM/ODM cooperation welcomed.

YUH SING SPRING & WIRE company, our policy is “quality priority, delivery on time” only goal is our Customer satisfaction.

Management System Registered to ISO 9001:2000 (with development & design)
All material and finishes to be electroplated conform to the RoHS standard
Wire size range: 0.002” to 0.12” (0.05mm to 3 mm)

Industries we proudly serve. Valued customer
Appliance INTEL
Automotive DELL
Construction Asus, acer
Electrical/electronic HIROSE ELECTRIC GROUP
Fasteners Inventec(HP Auth. Factory), Ritek
Medical equipment Premier, Sony
Sports equipment Panasonic
【Auto-Spring Tester Tension. Compression】  【Projector】
【Equipment view】
Products: 【 wire size range: 0.002” to 0.12” ( 0.05 mm to 3 mm)
Compression springs ,Extension springs, Torsion springs, Double torsion springs
Close wound springs, Constant force springs, Wire forms, Strip forms, precision
Metal stampings, Retaining rings, Wave springs
Spring grinding, Cleaning-conventional &ultrasonic, Passivate of stainless steel- nitric acid or citric acid, Color coding, Stress relieving-heat treatment
Finishes-plating: Surface treatments:
● Cadmium * electro polish
● Zinc-plate * shot peening
● Nickel * powder coating
● Chrome * phosphate & oil
● Black oxide * rust preventative
● Brass * deburr-vibratory & tumble
● Precious metal- silver or gold  
Surface treatments
basic wire, music wire, hard drawn wire, oil tempered, chrome vanadium
chrome silicion, monel hastelloy aluminum, copper, beryllium copper,
brass bronze, phosphor bronze, s.s
low carbon steel, high carbon steel, aluminum, copper, beryllium copper
brass bronze, phosphor bronze, inconel , Monel, Hastelloy,s.s.
design fundamental:
operation environment, life expectancy, spring load, space, tolerance,
burrs & sharp edges, finishes, quality control reports
We look forward to hearing from you and providing Cost-Effective Solution with product requirements for your Spring, Wire Form and metal stamping Needs.

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